Spreading Sunshine [In the Corridor]

If you’ve ever been served by Brian “Sunshine” Davis at Mercer Village’s Margaritas, you already know that he’s made quite a home for himself here in the Corridor. The Central Georgia native claims to “live, work, and play” all within a mile and half, and after almost two years of living in the area he is still excited about the progress and exciting changes he sees in his neighborhood.

 During the day, Sunshine can be seen swapping laughs over chips and salsa with the Margaritas’ regulars, but if you happen upon him after hours, he says he loves shaking up the karaoke stage. His signature number? “Material Girl” by Madonna. But don’t let the lyrics fool you. Sunshine is living up to his name by donating a portion of his hard-earned tips to build an elementary school playground.  


What do you love about the College Hill Corridor?

 The Corridor has an exciting cast of characters. It’s like at Margaritas, where you have the posse of wild frat boys on the left and a family with seven strollers on the right and somehow they coexist. It’s crazy and wonderful, and it’s why the Corridor is progressing so quickly. It’s being built by and for the people who live, work, and play here.


How did you get involved with donating your tips to the playground initiative at Ingram Pye Elementary School?

 MEIA (Mercer Educators in Action) and Mercer’s School of Education adopted Ingram Pye’s Playground Initiative as their project and they approached Brad [Brad Cork and his wife, Valerie, own and operate Margaritas] about donating a portion of one night’s profits to the playground building fund. That first night Margaritas donated 10 percent off their earnings, and I helped out with contributing the tips I earned. Now it’s a regular thing where every Third Thursday of the month I donate the tips I earn, because until those kids get a playground I can’t think of a better way to spend my money.