We Cross College Street In The Corridor

Image courtesy of Macon Food

Image courtesy of Macon Food

Profile by Katey Skelton

In the midst of College Hill Corridor, pedestrians and motorists are met with a jovial smile from Alexander II Elementary School’s Crossing Guard, Angellisa Spears.

As a Macon native, Spears has seen the transformation of this area through the years. She said, “It has really grown since I was a little girl because I can remember when we used to drive through the college. There have been a lot of improvements.”

The crossing guard’s parents and relatives are all from Macon with the exception of her grandfather, who hails from Twiggs County.

As an adolescent Spears attended Mount De Sales Academy. She then earned her bachelor’s degree in Art from Spelman College.

During her time at Spelman, Spears met her husband through a mutual friend. He attended Morehouse College, less than a mile away.

After college Spears married and moved to DeKalb County in Stone Mountain. There she raised her two sons with her husband of 18 years, Ken Spears.

The family relocated to Macon, Ga., where they now reside. Spear’s oldest son Kevin M. “KJ” Spears, 17, attends Stratford Academy. He is an avid athlete who participates in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

Spears attributes her son’s athletic abilities to her husband. “He gets that from his father. I tried to play softball once and the ball hit me. I was like okay that’s it,” said Spears.

Her youngest son, Beau J. “BJ” Spears, 11, attends Tattnall Square Academy.  With her active family Spears said, “I am never at rest.”

Spears was a homemaker for 11 years before she decided to go back to work. Initially, she applied to Alexander II with the intent of becoming a substitute teacher.

“Because my aunt was a crossing guard I put down her name. I said I would be interested in being the crossing guard, and that’s what they called me for,” said Spears.

When preforming her crossing guard duties, Spears greets pedestrians with enthusiasm and big waves. “All of the college kids are really really friendly, when they come through,” she said.

Her favorite aspect of the job is the kids. She pays close attention to them, and is careful to greet each and every one. “If it’s a little kid or little baby that’s not responding I wave a little wave,” said Spears.

While Spears enjoys her job, she could do without the traffic that tends to build up after school.

Spears is serious about her job. “I make sure the cars see me, and I see them before I walk the kids across because the cars will turn on you,” she said. “You have to be really alert, on your game.”

Her attitude is motivated by a genuine concern for others. “If I was frowning no one would be happy, so if I smile everybody else is going to smile,” said Spears.

The positive demeanor she exudes gives her notoriety within the community. “Smile more often because when you smile it makes you feel happy, it’s contagious,” Spears said.